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For Computers and Laptops

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Important: KLIFF TECHNOLOGIES is an Independent Online IT Support Company. We are unaffiliated with any 3rd party brand unless otherwise specified.

Tired of looking for a solution for your PCs and laptops, not anymore as KLIFF TECHNOLOGIES is here to solve all your Computer issues and educated you to the max for further usage. According to the customers requirement we would either provide an Remote support or online support. Support timings 24x7 Monday to Friday. At KLIFF TECHNOLOGIES we make sure our customers are satisfied and have a lasting memory of the experience they would receive at the end of their first call with us. As they say that nothing comes for free. KLIFF TECHNOLOGIESs services are less expensive and a definite value for your hard earned money.

When a computer is used there are issues like Unable to download drivers? Unable to configure printer wired or wireless? Facing issues with securing routers? Unable to decrease or increase font size and many others, this is where KLIFF TECHNOLOGIESs tech team steps in and make sure that your issues are taken care of and a complete service for your computer and peripheral issues.

How does it work?

You may directly chat or call with our certified technicians and we will help you fix all the problems you are facing on your device. In case you are facing a problem with a hardware which is broken or malfunctioning then we suggest you to either contact the manufacturer of the device directly or If you have a problem which can be resolved over the phone, then you may opt for online support. This way the technicians can immediately resolve the issue over the internet.

Problems we fix:

  • Activation and Installation of Antivirus
  • Antivirus Installation and Configuration
  • Virus Removal
  • System Optimization and Cleanup
  • Unable to start/boot the computer
  • Blue screen error messages
  • Computer is freezing
  • Installation and uninstalling software
  • Setting up Wireless Connection
  • Installing security Software
  • Firewall setup and Configuration
  • Configuring Windows Upates
  • Installation or upgrading Windows Operating System
  • DLL errors Resolution
  • Removing Pop-ups and adware
  • Creating Back up for your device
  • Printer Installation and Configuration
  • Unable to scan from the scanner
  • Outlook or Email client configuration
  • Problems with sending or receiving emails
  • Problems with Anti-Virus installation or un-installation
  • Plan and Pricing

    One Time Support
    Remote Fix
    • 1PC and Peripherals
    • Remote Support
    • Problem Fixation in Nominal Amount
    • Support On Call
    • Networking and System Maintainance
    • 70% of Zip Codes Covered
    Instant Support
    One Time Fix
    • One Time Fix - 1PC
    • Dedicated Technician
    • Support On Chat
    • Support On Call
    • Remote and Online Support
    • Web Browser Optimization
    Annual Support
    One Year Technical Support
    • One Year - 1PC
    • Dedicated Technician
    • Support On Chat
    • Support On Call
    • Remote and Online Support
    • Web Browser and Computer Optimization